Dictionary work!

The children used a dictionary yesterday to find out the meaning of key words from the story Billy’s Sunflower. I was so impressed with the children’s knowledge of how a dictionary is laid out and how to use it effectively. Gust, autumn, wrinkled and droopy were some of the keywords we found!

Observational drawings of sunflowers

The children used a variety of resources including pencil, crayon, pastels and felt tip to complete observational drawings of sunflowers. The children had a go yesterday and then went again today to improve their drawing and really focused on the colours and shapes that they could see.

1EC’s Open Classroom

Thank you to all the parents who came last Friday afternoon to share in our learning. The children had great fun filling up their bucket with points by completing the challenges. It was lovely to be able to share the challenges with younger siblings too. Please look out for a letter and email with the date of the next one!

1EC Visit Homebase Garden Centre

We had so much fun visiting the Garden Centre today. We got an insight into the job of a gardener and were able to see first hand how busy the shop workers are. A very kind worker talked to us and answered lots of our questions about the plants and things the shop sold. We all came back very motivated to get busy in our own classroom Garden Centre. Myself and Mrs Burrows were so impressed with the children’s behavior and it was even commented on by two members of the public. Thank you to Mrs Burrows sister for coming on the trip too ­čÖé